What Are Those Small White Specs?

Here at K9 Natural and Feline Natural we are committed to providing the best blends of nature in nutrition for cats and dogs. As part of this philosophy, we refuse to include any binders, gums or gelling agents in our diets which would compromise the natural goodness of our wholefood ingredients. Instead, we choose to blend our cans with fresh New Zealand water, and for this reason, our canned format looks different from others on the market. Most notably, customers are often surprised to see white/yellow lumps sitting on top of the product when opened.

Rest assured, opening a can of K9 Natural or Feline Natural to white/yellow lumps looking at you does not indicate that the product has gone off. Simply put, this is fat which has separated from our raw materials during the canning process. With no unnecessary additives, we pack our recipes into the cans as fresh raw product and then blend them with New Zealand water, meaning all the goodness stays inside the can. Once sealed, the can is then heated – cooking the product inside. During this time, ingredients such as fat can be separated from the meat, becoming hardened particles once cooled. These particles often settle on top of the product thus creating this typical appearance.

Due to seasonal variations in the raw materials we use, the level of fat which is visible in each can differs from batch to batch and between different proteins – For example, darker proteins (i.e. beef) tend to have higher fat quantities and therefore are more likely to have more visible solidified fat than our chicken variants. Temperature also plays a role in the amount of fat you experience in the sense that if the can is cold, fat is more likely to solidify.

We recommend mixing the separated fat back into the product to ensure your pet gains all the benefits of our product.

For more information on the healthy benefits of fat in your pet’s diet, you can find our blog on this topic here.

All K9 Natural and Feline Natural canned diets are free from any gels or binding agents whatsoever. We pride ourselves on a minimally processed offering which means you are more likely to notice our nutritious whole food ingredients.

If ever you or your pet are unsure about the presentation or quality of your product, our team are always here to help. Contact us here.

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