Feline Natural Super Bowl Profile: Loki Harrison

Our final player for Feline Natural Super Bowl LVIII is Loki Harrison. Loki is 7 years old and has been part of the Feline Natural Team for that whole time.

  • Age: 7 years
  • Time at Feline Natural: 7 years
  • NFL team: San Francisco 49ers
  • Hometown: Vancouver
  • Position: Quarterback
  • Number: 15 (number of times a week he bullies his owner into feeding him breakfast)

Loki is an orange domestic short hair who was rescued from the Vancouver area (along with his sister who he lives with). Known for being a ‘tough guy’, Loki loves to play but is gentle with those who join in. His biggest weakness is his appetite, as he is motivated by food more than anything else (closely followed by the laser pointer).

His favorite thing to do when he is not playing with his sister or chasing the laser pointer is sitting on the heat vent on cold days to keep himself cozy.

When it comes to mealtime, Loki's 'super bowl’ is pretty straightforward; because when you're motivated by food, you don't need any tips or tricks to keep you snacking.

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